5 Tips to Practice Good Wrestling Mat Hygiene

Wearing a mask and washing your hands, along with covering any cough, sneeze, and social distancing are all good techniques for staying healthy in 2020. But, what about your wrestling surface? Practicing good mat hygiene can also help mitigate the transmission of germs and bacteria. Here, we share 5 tips to practice good mat hygiene to help keep your program wrestling into the months to come.

  1. Walk Backwards - To prevent tracking dirt and bacteria back onto the mat's surface, walk backwards in straight lines as you spray cleaner and mop your mat surface.

  2. Wear Booties - In addition to walking backwards, to prevent dirty shoe soles from coming in contact with the mat surface, wear disposable booties over your shoes.

  3. Reclean Rolled Mats - Cleaning your mat before it is rolled and stored is a great preventative against the growth of bacteria; however, rolling your mat places the unclean bottom surface directly onto your clean topside, rendering it dirty once again. Be sure to reclean the wrestling surface of any rolled mat to properly clean and disinfect before use. 

  4. Use Approved Cleaners - There are many cleaners on the market today and not all of them are created equal - or, are appropriate for use on a wrestling mat. At Resilite, we recommend Kennedy products. Kennedy cleaners and disinfectants are approved for use on all Resilite mats and help keep your wrestling mat ready for action. Always be sure to use as directed for best results.

  5. Inspect Before Every Use - Gaps, tears, or exposed foam can trap germs and bacteria. Inspect your mat for these potential hazards before every use. If you find an area that needs repaired, Resilite offers repair kits to patch any small flaw in your wrestling surface.