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“From the Desk of Gerald S. George, Ph.D.”

One of the most important factors to insuring a safe training environment in gymnastics centers upon providing the proper matting set-up for the given learning activity. And this is particularly true as it relates to the selection of matting for use with skill progressions in Vaulting.

While matting alone should never be used in place of skill progressions, selection of the proper matting set-up remains an essential first-step to insuring a reasonably safe environment. A matting set-up that has been specifically designed and tailored to enhance safe and effective skill progressions is what the industry expects.

And that is why innovative products such as the Vault Table Target Pad as well as their Vault Development System by Resilite remain top choices of coaches-in-the-know for progressive skill training in Vaulting.

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Written by Dr. Gerald S. George, Ph.D. For more information on Dr. Gerald George, please click here.

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