Train Like a Champion with Resilite Home-Use Wrestling Mats

Nobody aspires to be mediocre - and this is especially true of athletes. Athletes don’t spend hours in the gym hoping to be “okay” at their next competition, match, or race. Athletes don’t invest their sweat and their time into practice just because it is something to do. Rather, athletes give their all to their sport, pushing themselves to become a force to be reckoned with in the hopes of winning big at their next competition or match. At Resilite, we want to inspire athletes of all sports to be their very best.

Given our company was founded around wrestling, we are the go-to choice for everything a wrestler needs to practice and perform their best. And, we know that our Home-Use Wrestling Mats are the easiest way for dedicated wrestlers to grow and improve their skills from the comfort and privacy of their home. All of our Home-Use Mats are constructed from the same high-quality materials as our full-sized competition mats, making Resilite home-use wrestling and grappling practice mats as close to the real-deal as possible. As the preferred brand of coaches, wrestlers, and officials worldwide, Resilite mats help athletes train like a champion.

Why Use Resilite At Home?
Here are four proven ways a Resilite Home-Use Wrestling Mat will help you become a powerful competitor:

      1. Get Extra Mat Time. While he may not have been a famous wrestler, Babe Ruth was a sports legend in his own right. And, according to Ruth, “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” At Resilite, we give you all the tools you need to become the athlete who never gives up. With a Home-Use Wrestling Mat, you get extra mat time on your own time, allowing you to train more than your competitors. Get in a quick session before or after work or school and continue to practice the skills you work on with your coach or team.

      2. Practice Like It’s Real. Resilite Home-Use Mats are nearly identical to competition-level mats or the mats found at your school or club gym. By being able to practice on the same quality mat and materials you will be wrestling on for competitions, you can rest assured that there won’t be any surprises. Home-Use Mats offer the look, feel, and comfort you’re used to. Everyone knows that practicing like it’s the real-deal is the best way to be prepared for competition.

      3. Home Wrestling MatProtect Yourself. Resilite mats are guaranteed to meet ASTM F355 Impact Standards, keeping you safe as you train. The Resilite "G-Max Approved" seal indicates meeting the impact test standards, and our choice of foams are some of the most shock-absorbing foams for their thickness. Unlike other lightweight mats, which measure 1-3/8" thick or 1-1/4" thick, our Home-Use Classic Wrestling Mats are the competition-standard 1" or 1.25" thick or 1-5/8" thick on all LiteWeight Mats. Get peace of mind that you’re practicing on the best surface for your safety and the best surface to get you ready to compete.

      4. Hype Yourself Up. Resilite’s exclusive DigiPrint technology will help get you amped while you practice. Choose from a variety of designs to suit your style and space or order a completely custom mat made just for you. What's more, you can get your Home-Use Mat in a variety of sizes, so your practice area works for your life. Not only will you be excited to hit the mat and practice, but you’ll have the perfect space to buckle down and focus on your training.

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Complete Your Home Practice Room

Not only does Resilite offer quality Home-Use Mats for training and practice, we also offer other accessories that will complete your at-home practice space. 

Pole Padding Column WrapColumn Padding
Cover posts, obstructions, I-beams, and support columns of any size with custom column padding. Perfect for protecting every inch of your practice area. 

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Home Wall Padding Mats


Home-Use Wall Padding Kit
The home-use wall padding kit makes it easy to create an area for training and practice in your house, basement, or garage. Each kit includes 5 panels that can cover 6’8” of wall. 

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With long-lasting products that have been trusted for over six decades, Resilite is proud to offer the highest-quality mats at the most competitive prices. From their impact protection and to customization options, Resilite Home-Use mats are here to help every athlete perform, and become, their best. 

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