Raising the needed funds to keep your wrestling program running and thriving is everyone’s responsibility. Without cash flow coming in, your program may not have the funds needed to travel to tournaments and competitions or invest in a new mat and supplies. Here, we’ll help you navigate the road to success!

1. Sponsorships – One of the most lucrative ways to earn money for your program. Sell Resilite Mat Sponsorship Decals to provide valuable visibility to local businesses and help build a sense of community.

8 Tips to Raise Money2. Donations – Have products or gift certificates donated? Raffle it off! Donations of food? Sell it at a concession stand! 

3. Connect – Keep alumni engaged with your program. The more they feel connected, the more likely they are to give back and donate.

4. Drive-Through – Make an easy meal like spaghetti, tacos, or hoagies for people to pre-order and pick-up from the school parking lot on a weeknight.

5. Fan Bus – Work with a local bussing company to provide transportation to away competitions and tournaments. Negotiate a great group rate on the bus, then charge more per person, pocketing the proceeds.

6. Flamingo Flocking – Flock a supporter’s yard with a gaggle of plastic flamingos and charge to have them removed. That person then chooses the next victim, and so on. Trust us, this is a real thing!

7. Waiter Night – Use your athletes to draw in a crowd and then wait tables at a dinner event. Their tips are then donated to your program.

8. Snow Shoveling – Or any other service provided by your wrestlers. Charge a fee and let your team go to work instead of spending their days indoors.

Download your free “Road to Raising Money” PDF resource guide here.