8 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Gymnast

Holiday shopping can be difficult, especially if you have a gymnast in your life. Fret not, Resilite's Holiday Gift Ideas products are designed to make shopping easy. Plus, all products include FREE SHIPPING. Here are 8 great gifts any gymnast will love to unwrap this holiday season.
  1. *BEST SELLER* The Smarter Spotter - Gymnastics tumbling trainer. Enforces proper technique for front and back handsprings or walkovers.

  2. The Parallett Bar - Made of reinforced PVC that flexes like competitive equipment. Use the wall-mount-bracket for a ballet bar!

  3. The Stunt Balance Trainer - Helps establish balance, core strength, and hold duration while being elevated on one-leg - simulating a cheerleading routine.

  4. The 5’ x 10’ Competition Practice Mat - Provides a large area with excellent rebound, is lightweight, easy to roll and store - great for gymnasts or cheerleaders.

  5. *BEST VALUE* The 8’ Vinyl Folding Practice Beam - Designed for preschoolers or young gymnasts just learning beam skills - lightweight and fold in half.

  6. Pre-Elite Low Beam - Two 4-ft long sections easily connect for an 8-ft practice beam with a synthetic suede surface - the same material on competition beams.

  7. Folding Mat AKA Panel Mat - Our most popular folding mat, made from the finest foams and fabrics in the USA, gives you plenty of options for creating the perfect space for practicing at home. Folding Mats also double for great at-home yoga or exercise mats for Mom and/or Dad.

  8. Incline Wedge Mat AKA Cheese Mat - Great for practicing walkovers and tumbling exercises at home, plus they fold in half for easy storage.
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The Smarter Spotter - https://gim.resilite.com/catalog/product/view/id/244/s/smarter-spotter-ready-to-ship/category/2/
The Parallett Bar - https://gim.resilite.com/catalog/product/view/id/290/s/parallett-bar-with-brackets/category/2/
The Stunt Balance Trainer - https://gim.resilite.com/catalog/product/view/id/289/s/cheer-stunt-balance-trainer/category/2/
The 5’ x 10’ Competition Practice Mat - https://gim.resilite.com/catalog/product/view/id/298/s/5-x-10-carpeted-practice-mat/category/2/
The 8’ Vinyl Folding Practice Beam - https://gim.resilite.com/catalog/product/view/id/6535/s/8-folding-practice-beam/category/2/
Pre-Elite Low Beam - https://gim.resilite.com/catalog/product/view/id/248/s/8-ft-pre-elite-low-beam-2pc/category/2/
Folding Mat - https://gim.resilite.com/folding-mats
Incline Wedge Mat - https://www.resilite.com/store/incline-wedge-mat-1