Making the Mats - 2020 NCAA Wrestling Tournament Mats

Ever wonder what goes into making the NCAA Wrestling Tournament Mats you see on the floor of the NCAA Wrestling Championships? Let Resilite take you behind the scenes and step foot into our production facility as we prepare the mats for the 2020 NCAA Wrestling Championships.




The NCAA uses Resilite's traditional, two-sided Classic Mats for all of their tournament mats - including Division II, III, and Division I National Wrestling Championships.

Foam is first hand-assembled, cut to size by hand, then prepared for the spray room where Resilite's exclusive poly-vinyl coating is applied on the top-side, bottom-side, and all sides. Once dry, the mats begin to take their look - artwork stencils are aligned and paint for lines, markings, and artwork is applied. The mats are then removed from the spray room so they can begin their curing process. Each NCAA Tournament Mat finds a home at Resilite on one of the curing racks until each mat is ready to be rolled, wrapped, and transported to the tournament site.

Preparation for the NCAA Tournament Mats starts almost immediately after the completion of the current year's tournament. Preparations include site visits, discussions of colors, layouts, and more. Starting in January, through February, planning and production of the NCAA Tournament Mats begins. Then, days before the first NCAA Wrestling Championship Tournament, the mats leave the Resilite facility in Northumberland on their way to each tournament location. 

Resilite is the official mat supplier to the NCAA Wrestling Championships since 1963.
*NCAA is a registered trademark of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.*

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All NCAA Tournament Mats: 42' x 42' x 1-1/4" - Resilite RSP-625 Classic Mats